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Scorpion is the next big thing to hit Professional Wrestling. A student of NWA Champion Dory Funk Jr. At the Funking Conservertory in Ocala, Florida. Scorpion has his eyes set on the WWE Undisputed Title.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Outkast
Favorite TV show: Monday Night Raw (WWE)
Favorite movie: X-Men 2 United
Favorite book: The Black Notice
Favorite sports team: Falcons
Favorite food: Chinese

My Hobbies

Wrestling, Martial Arts, Exercise and Fitness, Writing, Playing the Trumpet and Baritone, Singing,

Most Admired

My Grandfather, Father, Grandmother, Mother and Dory Funk Jr

Scorpion ready for battle

Favorite Links

Dory Funk Conservertory


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